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Cori and Chris
3 Dudes & Dinner

3 Dudes & Dinner was born from the idea that dinner should be the perfect reward at the end of a long day. It should never be a burden or a hassle. When I, a chef by training, am often too tired and busy to stop and cook for my wife and family, I seek assistance. Though Tecumseh has many great dining options, we couldn't find anything that fit our lifestyle and need on a daily basis. That's when we began to dream.

I decided that it was a time for a change. A2 Fine Dining and the commercial food system no longer held my attention. That's when I met with Cori Chrestensen and Michael Clayton about creating something different. Rather than pursuing awards and accolades in a town miles away, we agreed on this:

"3 Dudes & Dinner - we take a global approach, utilizing local farm fresh ingredients to create Chef-inspired quality, convenience, and affordability in a curb-side, carry-out format"

In June of 2014, we put the ball into motion. We bought the building, drew up the plans, hired a chef, and piece by piece, built 3 Dudes & Dinner. A year later, on the dawn of our launch, we are proud to be able to give back to Tecumseh, the community that means so much to us. We really want to focus on being that everyday solution for people just like us. There is no greater joy in life than doing what we love, for the people we love, in the town we love.

3 Dudes & Dinner WeddingWire Couples Choice Award Winner 2018