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Married on 07/30/2016

My wife and I wanted to write a balanced review, so we tried to come up with some things that we did not like about the whole experience. We couldn't come up with any. 3 Dudes are incredible. One of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is communicating with the various vendors that are helping to make your day happen. We found 3 Dudes to be exceptional, clear and prompt in all of their correspondence with us and this made us more relaxed as the day got closer. The service was very good. We had some last minute preparations that needed to be completed so my then fiance showed up early to take care of them. When we got there we had nothing to do because 3 Dudes did it all! The food. The food was amazing. You know food is good when people are making unsolicited comments about how much they enjoyed it. We had pulled pork sliders, salmon, stuffed chicken and a vegetarian entree. We loved it and so did the crowd! The value was exceptional and we were so happy to pay what they were asking. We only wish we could have tipped more because we were so thrilled with the entire experience. Thanks, 3 Dudes and Dinner!

Hannah Murphy

Married on 08/17/2018

Finding a caterer that matched my budget and also my unique requirements was difficult; 3 Dudes and Dinner even managed to exceed what I looked for. I am originally from Britain, and all my family lives over there, so I wanted to make sure there would be food that they would enjoy. My husband on the other hand, is the American, and he grew up in a family that eat the same three to five, American cuisine meals on repeat. My husband and I love to travel and try new foods, and being able to cook has always been important to me, especially due to health reasons. So with all these differences I was looking for a caterer that gave me the variety I needed in a desperate attempt to try and please everyone as best as I could. Along comes 3 Dudes & Dinner. The choices were fantastic, there's even the choice to customize your own; they will work with you. I just chose from the menu since coordinating with family was so difficult for me during my wedding planning: we got classic beef tips for my husband's side, butternut squash ravioli for the vegetarians/vegans, and a chicken with a mango salsa that gave a nod to our honeymoon to be in Hawaii. We got multiple sides & a couple appetizers, and they even provided tea for my British family. They were fantastic. So professional, timely with everything, easy to talk to... And not only did they provide food, they coordinated with other vendors to get my tables and chairs. They truly work with you on every little detail you want, even making it so I could rent metal utensils, but then order my own palm leaf plates that could be compost. I was so thrilled, and I can't talk them up enough. I wish I hadn't been so busy and got to eat more of the food, but everyone who attended raved about how good it was. You can't go wrong with 3 Dudes & Dinner, they work with you on literally everything, and want you to have your perfect day with such a professional, but casual manner that made the whole experience beyond comfortable. Thank you so much 3 Dudes & Dinner!

Arwen Johnson

Married on 07/15/2017

3 Dudes were amazing! They were nothing like the other catering services I had contacted for our wedding. From the beginning, they worked with us to create a delicious meal that would fit in our budget. They were very responsive and quickly answered all my little questions day in & day out. They also provided all the dishes, flatware and glasses for our outdoor wedding. On top of that, they provided the most amazing servers and bartenders. The food was to die for (stuffed chicken roulade, salmon piccata, eggplant parm, orzo, grilled veggies, etc) - our guests kept asking who did the catering and marveling at how delicious it was (some even said it was the best food they have ever had at a wedding!). They cooked on-site even though we were at a private lake-side cottage. I cannot say enough good things about this company. They were amazing and I would definitely use them again for an event in the future!

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