Meet the Dudes

Our team is devoted to offering the best ingredients, perfectly paired meals, and exemplary service to our community.


Owner / Operator

Christopher Wanke is the Owner-Operator at 3 Dudes & Dinner Catering. His passion in the hospitality industry started at the age of 14 when he began as a dishwasher for a local family restaurant. From these humble beginnings, Chris has climbed the industry ladder collecting invaluable experience along the way. He has operated both the production and customer oriented aspects of the industry. In 2014, along with his business partner Cori Chrestensen, embarked on creating 3 Dudes & Dinner. Their dream is to bring the highest level of service and culinary wizardry to all events and occasions.

Food unites us all.



Director of Sales & Managing Partner

Cori Chrestensen is one of the founding members of 3 Dudes & Dinner and performs many roles for the company including marketing and sales, client relations, administrative management and operational oversight. For the past three years she has been responsible for overseeing the special events and catering program alongside her business partner, owner Christopher Wanke. Cori’s organizational, detail-oriented skills and her customer-centric mind set have proved to be a key function in creating and executing successful experiences for all occasions. Prior to Cori’s employment with 3 Dudes & Dinner she has spent the last 10+ years exceling throughout the restaurant/hospitality industry earning many promotions and advancements along the way. She is excited to be embarking on this current journey and looks forward to engage in all of the unique challenges that may arise.

I'm delighted to embark upon a journey offering lasting friendships and a sense of community.