Meet the Dudes

Our team is devoted to offering the best ingredients, perfectly paired meals, and exemplary service to our community.


Owner / Operator

What I love most about cooking is how it brings people together. Whether it's a backyard BBQ, wedding reception, or everyday meal, food unites us all.

My fondest memories in life are tied to holiday dinners at Grandma’s with the whole family running around. Now, as a father, my favorite time is dinner time, where I get to sit down with my wife, Laura, and my daughter, Isabella. Often, this is the first point all day where we get to put our busy lives aside and be together as a family.

When I was a Chef in Ann Arbor, these were the moments I cherished most and wanted back more than anything. 3 Dudes & Dinner is my promise to my family that even when Dad’s away at work, I’m right around the corner, and I’ll be home for dinner.

Food unites us all.



Director of Sales & Managing Partner

Cori Chrestensen has excelled within the Hospitality industry since 2003, executing many roles of the business and earning advancements into management and guidance positions.

She attended Washtenaw Community College simultaneously earning an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science of Accounting.

Over the past ten years she has developed a fondness for well-prepared quality food, and is excited to have the opportunity of sharing this pleasure with others. Furthermore, she is delighted to be embarking upon a journey offering lasting friendships and a sense of community through honesty, integrity and, of course, delectable dinner.

I'm delighted to embark upon a journey offering lasting friendships and a sense of community.